In vitro fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

The word infertility is associated with "Stress" "anxiety” "trauma" & "taboo". Our aim and a sincere effort at blossoms is to remove anxiety & stress and help you achieve pregnancy in a stress free and positive environment. Infertility causes a desperate situation in which couple wants immediate results.

We at La Mom Miiracles explain thoroughly & investigate to know the exact cause & then counsel the couple regarding different treatment options available; success rates, time required etc.

The spectrum of fertility is wide and ranges from simple ovarian stimulation to IUI and IVF.

How a pregnancy occurs:

At the time of contact sperms are deposited in vagina. They travel up the uterine cavity and enter tubes. At the time of ovulation, egg is released from ovary & picked up by the tubes. The egg meets the sperm & gets fertilized to form an embryo which then is transferred to uterine cavity & implanted there.

So a problem with the following factors may lead to infertility

  • Sperms
  • Eggs
  • Tubes
  • Lining of uterus

Then couple must understand that for achieving pregnancy both partners (husband & wife) need to be investigated to find out exact problem. Semen analysis is a simple test which gives us a fair idea of the husband’s reproductive capacity.

For the wife we have a few tests like :

  • Hormonal assays
  • Sonography for follicular monitoring
  • If required HSG-that is tubal testing
  • And in failed cases one may require diagnostic Laparo hysteroscopy

There are certain conditions in which pregnancy is impossible & then the wife or husband will be labelled as sterile: - i.e. No chance of pregnancy, whereas if we come across minor or major treatable problems the condition is called sub-“fertility”